Thursday, 26 January 2012


Wow it's been a while since I wrote anything here. I wonder if I can even remember how to write... oh, ok... it's coming back to me... there we go.

Now, then. Shoes. I am really, truly not the sort of girl who is that bothered about shoes. I know everyone says that: but you can tell I'm not lying because I'm not saying it in a high-pitched voice while tossing my hair around and giggling like a weirdo. In fact, the shoes I am wearing today (see above, right) are basically the same pair of shoes that I had when I was about eight: flat, black patent leather with a grosgrain ribbon bow. They may not actually be Start-rites, but they may as well be. Contrast these with the killer heels worn by someone who works in the fashion department of the magazine that I work for (above, left) and you will see that I tell the truth.

But there is something about accessories in general that has got me recently. I have bought three - THREE! - pairs of shoes in the last month (and am now 'hoisting the black flag of impecuniosity' as Trollope puts it). And a handbag. And several packets of kirby grips. And one pair of ridiculous earings. Maybe it's my way of coming to terms with the January economy drive ('but these shoes are only £85! Why, if I bought a dress it would be at least twice that. Therefore I have definitely saved myself money by buying these shoes'). Maybe it's because the last time I bought any shoes it was a pair of Converse All Stars in 2009 and I just needed some. Or maybe it's that there are, in fact, whole hosts of new, somehow better shoes than there have ever been before, and I have subconsciously tapped into this zeitgeist despite knowing absolutely nothing about fashion.

Actually, though, I think it's because accessories are lovely and that they make one feel cheerful and they are easy and - wait for it - accessible. A good pair of shoes is to a girl what a floozy on the arm is to a man: unecessary and silly, yes, but pretty and confidence boosting and a good conversation starter when you're feeling shy.

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